Driving simulator for driver training

Driver training

The high quality driver training software gives your student the best driver training, for a very affordable price. The car simulator driver training curriculum consists of lessons that range from elementary vehicle control to complex traffic interactions and learning the rules of the road in a realistic setting. Also safety awareness and hazard perception (impaired driving and distracted driving) are important aspects of the car driving simulator training curriculum.

A few important characteristics of the driver training curriculum (module S1):

  • Training in vehicle control:
    • start engine and drive off
    • stop the car and turn off engine
    • changing lanes, use of indicator
    • gear changing
    • measurement of brake reaction time and braking distance
    • scanning and mirror checking when approaching intersections, procedures for turning left, right and going straight through
    • methods of steering
    • parking and reversing
  •  Traffic participation with realistic interactive ´intelligent´ traffic:
    • right of way rules
    • safe car following distance
    • speed control and speed limits
    • passing and overtaking
    • driving on small and large roundabouts
    • driving outside buildup areas
    • driving in town and villages with traffic lights, pedestrians and zebra crossings, speed bumps, etc.
    • fitering in and out on highways
    • single and dual carriageways
  • Safety awareness:
    • effects of distractions on driving behaviour, simulation of distracted driving
    • effects of alcohol on driving behaviour
    • eco driving
  • Special circumstances:
    • night driving in various situations
    • rain
    • fog
    • snow and slippery road
    • blinding by the sun
    • driving with side wind and wind gusts
  • Automation of driving tasks by extensive practice of, for example, driving on mini roundabouts or approaching and turning left or right at intersections, etc.
  • Measurement of behaviour on separate driving tasks:
    • position on the road
    • speed control
    • steering
    • dealing with road signs
    • car following and headway
    • overtaking
    • priority and right of way
    • roundabouts, use of indicator, lane, speed, right of way
    • filtering in and out
    • use of indicator in various situations
    • changing lanes
    • scannen and mirror checking
    • gear changing
  •  Advanced virtual instructor
  • Extensive student assessment system
  • Advanced registration of visual scanning (mirror checking, looking left, right, over shoulders)
  • Surround vision with three  displays (+ separate monitor for the operator interface)
  • Realistic graphics, large number of databases (virtual environments) advancedtraffic models and vehicle plus engine model

And all this for a fraction of the price of other manufacturers of driving simulators.

Information in Dutch (rijsimulator) can be found on a separate page.