Lesson I-Steering1

I-Steering1:  Steering: pass-on and cross-over methods:

ModusDuration (minutes)

02-I-Steering1 is a procedure training lesson in which the following procedures are trained:
– Steering with the pass-on method
– Steering with the cross-over method

During the lesson, popups are displayed with the order of actions. Training occurs on a simulated special practice area with a number of curves to left and to right and intersections where the student has to turn left or right.

First, a number of complete instructions are given for the pass-on method for curves to left and to right, followed by the ‘do by yourself’ method.

Then, the full instructions for the cross-over method are given a number of times, followed by the ‘do by yourself’ method.

For some students it may be helpful if the operator demonstrates both methods.