Lesson P-Carriageways

P-Carriageways:  Practice lesson dual carriageways:

ModusDuration (minutes)


This lesson concerns driving on dual carriageways (trunk roads) and crossing and turning left/right on multi-way intersections. When the central reserve is not large enough, the student has to wait until traffic from both left and right is clear before he crosses the intersection or turns left.

The most important situations in this lesson are:

  1. Crossing dual carriageways with high traffic density with narrow central reserve.
  2. Crossing single carriageway with high traffic density.
  3. Entering dual carriageway with high traffic density and narrow central reserve via right turn.
  4. Leaving dual carriageway by turning left on a deceleration lane (choose correct lane position).

When leaving the dual carriageway by turning left, it is important to mind traffic from rear and to choose the proper lane position in time.