Lesson P-Steering2

P-Steering2:  Steering at higher speed:

ModusDuration (minutes)

In 03-P-Steering2, the simulator starts to drive slowly, but then speeds up to higher speeds. People who have difficulties with steering accurately, often compensate for that by driving slowly. However, in this method, the student is forced to learn to steer while driving at higher speed. When speed is too high for the student, speed may be reduced by pressing the brake




Training takes place is in a rural area with a speed limit of 80 km/h. There are a large number of oncoming vehicles to force the student to steer accurately. The car drives in AutoDrive to ensure a fixed speed. When the simulator turns left or right at an intersection, speed is reduced by the system in a quiet manner, allowing the student to steer quietly to turn left or right. The student is supposed to use the pass-on method and to use the indicator before turning left or right on the intersections. During the lesson the VI gives feedback if steering is not accurate or when the curve on the intersection is taken too narrow or too wide.

When, after this lesson, the student still is not able to steer accurately (has failed the lesson) the lesson should definitely be repeated, because adequate steering ability is a prerequisite for the next lessons.