Lesson P-Traffic1

P-Traffic1:  Practice traffic outside built-up area I:

ModusDuration (minutes)

In this lesson outside built-up area the following aspects are trained:

  1. 80 km/h roads with zones with a 60 km/h limit.
  2. The student encounters 10 intersections, of which there are 4 right turns, 4 straight throughs, and 2 left turns.
  3. Car following and maintaining a safe headway to vehicles in front.
  4. When turning right, there’s oncoming traffic going straight through, or oncoming traffic turning left, that has to be given the right of way.
  5. Approaches to a major road with a stop sign where there’s traffic from left that has priority.
  6. Roads with a no-entry sign.
  7. Major roads where the student has priority over traffic from right and left.
  8. In addition, a number of signs indicate:
    • Curved road
    • Overtake prohibition
    • Mandatory driving direction
    • Major road, priority junction, stop sign

This lesson offers a pleasant training in driving in a relatively quiet environment. On each stretch of road there are oncoming vehicles, and there’s traffic at each intersection. However, because of the rural environment and the long stretches of road, this lesson is a good lesson to start practicing what has been learned before.