Professional low cost driver training simulator

Simulator software:  The driver training module consists of the runtime simulator that’s configured for 3 rendering displays (left, middle and right) plus the driver training curriculum. It can be ordered either as a complete desktop driving simulatir, including all hardware, or as software-only. If you are interested in the software-only version, and want to buy the hardware yourself, here’s a list of the required specifications of the computer and other hardware (important!). For price information including a complete desktop car simulator system, see here. Important characteristics of the driver training software modules:

desktop driving simulator
desktop driving simulator

Desktop simulator system: A complete desktop car simulator, when ordered from carnetsoft, includes the driver training and runtime software, a computer, a steering wheel, pedal and gear shifter set, 4 monitors and a sound system, plus a headtracking system. The monitors and steering wheel (+ gear shifter) are positioned on a table (not included), while the computer is generally placed on the floor.

Cockpit simulator system: Technically, a cockpit does not add that much to the training value or realism of the simulations . It does, however, increase the total cost substantially. Carnetsoft does not sell simulator cockpits. If you prefer a cockpit system over a desktop car driving simulator system, with a driver seat and pedals and steering wheel mounted on the rig, there are several options, for example the cockpit of Fanatec. There you can find a cockpit, driver seat, triple monitor stand and other hardware, for example high quality pedals. For the steering wheel we recommend to use the logitech G29 steering wheel + shifter. Carnetsoft is not related to Fanatec: you have to order the cockpit plus accessories from Fanatec and assemble that yourself. In that case you have a complete high quality cockpit car simulator for less than half of price for a similar system offered by other manufacturers.

For a complete overview of prices you are referred to a separate page.