Research driving simulator

Create, test and run advanced experiments

The Carnetsoft research driving simulator is a programmable, fully interactive driving simulator with 210 degrees surround graphics HD rendering over 6 channels: left, center and right view plus 3 rearview mirrors on each monitor. That’s a resolution of 5760×1080 pixels.


Create and run car driving behaviour and human factors experiments, and increase your productivity as a researcher. Experiments can be created quickly and results are analyzed efficiently. The toolset enables you to define experiments in a wide range of subjects. Examples of recent experiments conducted with the research driving simulator software are:

  • studies on the effects of drowsiness and fatigue (time on task) on steer reaction time,
  • effects of distraction on brake reaction time,
  • effects of peer pressure on speed compliance,
  • a gap acceptance study,
  • a study on effects of secondary tasks on perception of roadside information,
  • effects of alcohol on steer- and brake reaction times,
  • a study on fundamental processes of workload and selective attention while driving, etc.

Experiments can be created in the domains of

  • Experimental Psychology (studies on attention, vigilance, workload, perception),
  • Social Psychology (measures to influence driving behaviour),
  • Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry (effects on exposure on phobias and anxieties while driving),
  • Human Factors research (interfaces, secondary tasks, workload),
  • Pharmacology (effects of alcohol and drugs on behaviour), studies on training and learning, studies on driver fitness,
  • etc.

The script language allows you to access a wide range of variables during runtime and gives you all the flexibility you need. You will get support quickly if you need assistance with the script language and we will even help you setup your first experiment so you can be sure the investment always pays off. In addition, an introductory course on how to setup experiments with the research driving simulator software is included. Check here for more information on support.

And all of this for a price every human factors and experimental psychology research group can afford. The software costs 2500 euro, which is a fraction of the cost of comparable research driving simulator software licences.  In addition to testing your research questions and helping you to make valuable contributions to science and create publications, this research instrument is very suitable for education and training of research skills.

Carnetsoft takes active measures to reduce the incidence of simulator sickness.

check visual scanning in a research driving simulator

The strong points of this research driving simulator software

  • The most affordable research simulator in the market: the complete research simulator software modules plus runtime simulation software costs only €2500, which is a fraction of the price of comparable alternatives
  • flexible and quick design and testing of experiment with an easy-to-learn script language
  • extensive tools, including a database designer to create roads and virtual environments
  • a large number of variables can be sampled including time headway, time to collision, brake reaction time, time to line crossing, etc. In addition you can create your own dependent variables to sample with 10 Hz, or do all data analysis in real-time during the experiment, and save the output in an external file
  • 3-display surround graphics of high quality with 5760×1080 resolution, running at 60 Hz
  • realistic artificially intelligent traffic
  • a large number of standard databases and experiment scripts that will get you running quickly
  • python scripts of the rendering engine are included so you have full access to the graphics rendering
  • free support via email and skype/teamviewer



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Information in Dutch (rijsimulator) can be found on a separate page.

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